Our History

After I lost my husband to death in February 2014, the pain, hopelessness, and ambiguity of what the next phase of my life and my teenage daughter was going to be was all that filled my thoughts. I pondered on life without my friend, for more than 35 years, a devoted husband and father to my daughter. I constantly asked God for guidance as a widow and a single parent. My parents were the first to teach me that it is more rewarding to give than to receive. As a child, I witnessed my parents bring into our home; orphans, widows, assisting the most impoverished in the community, and insisted on giving basic education to orphans and those who wanted to go to school, but did not have the means to achieve that goal, while providing for seven biological children of their own. As I was driving back from the gym one evening, I tuned into Joel Osteen’s radio, where he was preaching about mourning the death of a loved one. His message was; “Why don’t you do something you know that your loved one would be proud of in his honor, like helping those in need; assisting the orphans; work with a charity; or just start a Charitable Foundation and the list went on instead of mourning indefinitely.” It seemed like he was directing his message of hope and healing to me. All through the evening, my thought was on that message. I reminded myself that my husband, whom I drew my strength from, is no more. Can I do this? There was a moment of confusion, but the idea continued to occupy my thoughts. By the end of that week, I was very certain that I could honor my husband by going the extra mile of giving hope to the helpless, and The Hippolyte Foundation was born. As a Rotarian, service has always been my passion. The experience of service that I acquired over the years prepared me to embark on this rewarding journey of giving back to a community that lacks safe and healthy school environments, giving scholarships to needy children and restoring hope to poor widows and their families, who have no hope of what tomorrow would bring. ...... Mrs Elegance Hippolyte